So…Who’s idea was this? We can’t get away from Fazer’s look!

Let’s ignore the yellow middle for a second, who looks good in head-to-toe grey? Or head-to-toe any colour that isn’t black?

To be honest, the shirt alone wouldn’t have looked so bad with different coloured trousers – it’s not a terrible shirt. However, with the matching trousers, it just doesn’t work, there needed to be something added.

And here is where we get to the ‘yellow belly’ section. This is not a good way to break up a solid block of colour. Maybe Fazer tried to embrace the colour block trend of this summer however, it didn’t work. It looks quite odd.

The science-nerd goggles and the white trainers don’t help this outfit either. Separately, each item might look okay. But when thrown together it looks a bit of a shambles. Too much of one thing going on and not enough to save it.