Duncan James and Simon Webbe on Holiday in Dubai

Duncan James (l) and Simon Webbe on Holiday in Dubai

When you’re part of a really successful boy band, all eyes are on you which is why Blue member Simon Webbe had to make sure his bod was always in shape.

But now Blue has been missing from the charts for a while, it doesn’t look like Simon’s been hitting the gym quite the way he used to. I mean, those Calvin Klein’s appear to be struggling to hold it all together!

Simon recently released some photos of himself and bandmate Duncan James on holiday in Dubai. I’ve got to say, his packs just aren’t looking the way they used to. He didn’t seem to care much though, as the singer was proud to show off his one-pack, even posing in a very unsexy way for the snaps. Thanks, not.

With the band said to be making a comeback pretty soon, might be a good idea for Simon to put down the pies and pick up the weights?

Just a suggestion.