Remember those rumours about the X Factor judging panel being changed? Looks like they’re true, and things really aren’t looking good for Nicole Scherzinger.

A source told The Sun that with ratings falling, the show’s producers are looking to shake things up a bit for the next season. This could see the Pussycat Doll out of the door, and Mel B in.

Tulisa’s already been quoted as saying Mel was her favourite guest judge, possibly sending a message to Nicole who she apparently doesn’t get on too well with?

Viewers also seem to have developed a love/hate relationship with the Spice Girl and her ‘no holds barred’ judging style. It’s probably safe to assume she’d be a welcome addition to the panel.

Nicole hasn’t exactly made a massive impact on the show so far, and if you blink too often, you’d probably miss her on the screen.

Getting kicked off the US Factor, and now this though? That’s got to hurt.