JLS have faced a lot of questions and speculation about their sexuality since they won X Factor.

Of course, Marvin is now happily married to Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman, JB has been with his girlfriend Chloe Tangney for a while now, and then there is Aston who is now dating the band’s backing dancer, Sarah Richardson.

I must admit I wasn’t too sure about the last band member Oriste Williams, but as of yesterday I am fully convinced he too is as straight as a fresh perm. Oriste publicised his infatuation with Nicki Minaj’s rather large backside

and it seems the rest of the world agree with his revelation as the tweet received 285 retweets! However, he is yet to respond to a reply asking him what he thought of Nicky Minaj’s face:

Must be an American, it’s ‘boat race’ dude!

Anyway, it is safe to safe Oriste is definitely a bum-man; no pun intended there.