Plan B and Ray Winstone in The Sweeney

Ray Winstone (l) and Plan B in The Sweeney

Is there anything Forest Gate’s Plan B can’t do at the moment?

The Ill Manors rapper/singer/director appears to be going from strength to strength as he announced the release of tickets for his forthcoming 2013 UK tour on the day he premiers on the big screen alongside Ray Winstone in the hotly anticipated TV-to-film movie The Sweeney.

B tweeted information explaining to his loyal subjects how they can pre-order their tickets after 9am today and where they could get them.

Moreover, he skilfully juggled interest in his tour with promotion of his newest film to make today an especially exciting time.

It seems Plan B fans were waiting a long time for this as the feedback on Twitter has been very good:

Just remember: if tickets for the tour are out of your price range, tickets for the film are two-for-one on Orange Wednesdays!

Personally, I’ll be front row on both occasions.