(L-R) Leona Lewis, Rebecca Ferguson and Sarah Jane Crawford

Of all the celebrity hairstyles to copy, Leona Lewis’ mousy fringe is pretty low down on my list. But Rebecca Ferguson seems to be a big fan of the look as she stole it for her performance at the iTunes festival on Sunday night.

Tired of showing off her over exposed forehead, Rebecca decided to change it up with a full fringe and long locks.

Fortunately Rebecca didn’t decide to channel Leona’s basic granny-ish style and went for a more on trend look in a tight black skirt and Chic Happens T-Shirt.

While she does look like former X Factor contestant Leona Lewis, we think she is a spitting image of Pappzd’s favourite 1xtra DJ Sarah Jane Crawford.

Seriously, were these two separated at birth? Spooky.