Reggie Yates Comes Out of the Geordie Closet

Most of us have that one (or two, maybe three) reality TV shows we can’t help but love. Seems Reggie Yates isn’t immune to loving a bit of trash TV either. The presenter has admitted that he can’t get enough of Geordie Shore.

He says,

‘My guilty pleasure? ‘Geordie Shore’. It should be erased from the planet because it’s so awful. I feel disgusted at myself for watching it, but I can’t help it. I love it as much as I hate it.’

Though he says he’d never watch it with his mum and sisters, as some of the scenes could make things awkward.

‘If I’m watching TV with my sisters or my mum, anything sexual makes me feel incredibly awkward; you don’t want to be in the room when someone’s getting it on. That’s weird.’

Can’t say I blame him really, that could make for a pretty uncomfortable evening.

I love a bit of Geordie Shore myself Reggie, you know, just putting that out there.