Popular American comedian Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz shut down the O2 Arena on the last date of the European leg of their Let Me Explain tour last night, with a brilliant sold-out show

It’s been an extremely busy year for Kevin Hart, who featured in the box office hit comedy film Think Like A Man and recently hosted the MTV VMA awards. He is now touring the world, from Europe to Africa with his Arena stand up show.

Things got off to a shaky start when the show, which was due to kick off at 8pm, actually started a little later than expected at 8:30pm. Not that the crowd seemed to mind. This actually gave me the perfect opportunity to spot some popular UK faces in the crowd, including Bashy, Kano and DJM.

The audience was buzzing and the vibe was amazing, it was really fulfilling to be in a packed O2 Arena waiting to be tickled to death by one of the best American comedians around at the moment.

Joey Wells opened Let Me Explain at the O2 Arena

Joey Wells opened Let Me Explain at the O2 Arena

The show eventually started with Joey Wells opening and warning everyone to switch off their phones. Nobody was allowed to text, tweet, take pictures or film. He warned us that if anyone was caught doing so, there was a frustrated security guard just waiting to kick us out, and no, we would not get our money back. Good start!

Initially, I was a bit worried about not finding the American warm up acts that funny, because of the cultural differences, but the jokes were definitely easy to relate to. Joey told us how painful it is to go to university, graduate, and end up working for someone who dropped out of High School. Everyone’s worst nightmare.

Will Spank Horton warmed up Let Me Explain at the O2 Arena

Will Spank Horton warmed up Let Me Explain at the O2 Arena

Joey then went on to introduce Will ‘Spank’ Horton, relatively unknown here and boy – did he know it. There was hardly a whisper when his name was called, and barely a murmur when he walked on stage.

However, Will was able to make light of this, and ended up quite possibly as one of the funniest comedians of the night. When he spoke about how he is sick of seeing women with ‘Indian hair, but Nigerian sideburns’ the crowd went absolutely crazy, although I’m sure a few girls were not amused and did look a bit on edge.

Na'im Lynn warmed up Let Me Explain at the O2 Arena

Na’im Lynn warmed up Let Me Explain at the O2 Arena

The final warm up act of the night was Na’im Lynn, who had the audience in tears as he made a few of his jokes relevant to London, telling us how his son asked for Angry Birds and he gave him ‘Two girls from Peckham’. I’m not sure how the south Londoners felt about that one, but everyone else seemed to find it hilarious.

I’m sure many people were not expecting the warm up acts to be as good as they were, but they complemented Kevin Hart perfectly, and they definitely earned their right to be up there.

At around 9.45pm, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived. Kevin Hart made a very grand entrance, which included a lot of fire and some amazing lighting (fire was a theme throughout the night as Hart later told us he wanted to be the first comedian with fire on stage).

From the moment the pint-sized American star (Hart is just 5ft 2″) stepped on stage, to the moment he left, he had the audience clinging onto his every word and struggling for gasps of air between their fits of continuous laughter. It was so difficult not to laugh at his voice and impressions, but what made the show even funnier were the frequent refrains, with phrases like ‘You done’ and ‘Lets Ride’.

Yeah… You had to really be there, I can’t do it the way he does.

Hart came with so much new material for this tour, and he proved that he is an amazing entertainer. There was never a dull moment, as he is incredibly animated and loves to get physically involved in his jokes which made them even funnier.

Several people have asked me ‘was he funny?’, ‘was it worth it?’ and ‘would you go again?’ All I can say is Yes.. Yes and YES!

I would advise anyone and everyone to go and see him live if they get a chance. Who else can get away with using a fictional creature called a Deerbra (half deer, half zebra) as an excuse to be late for work? Who else can make love to an imaginary beanbag on stage? Members of the audience were clutching their chests and sliding out of their seats throughout the whole show. The laughs just kept on coming through his entire set along with the bursts of fire.

Despite the show starting and finishing considerably later than was scheduled, I’m sure most people did not want it to end. I have not yet come across anyone who has said that they did not enjoy themselves. It was definitely a memorable night.

Kevin Hart (l) with NW London rapper Bashy