London Fashion Week is upon us and it’s been a whirlwind of prints, sequins and nude tones, and the Fashion’s Finest show at the Westbury Hotel on Sunday was no less exciting.

Featuring a range of artists from streetwear to couture, here are my highlights of the show, from a Pappzd perspective.

1pm Show

Black Pearl Secrets  

Black Peal is all about portraying a typical African style with a touch of western trends and sex appeal. Their main objective is providing excellent trends in the world of fashion, the merchandise is second to none yet moderate in pricing.

Inspired by the desire to always look good, trendy and elegant, Diana Tambe known by many as Blackpearl took it upon herself to bring the latest in fashion trends to the world with a simple click on her site.

Ella Bethel 


The Ella Bethel woman is regal, confident in her own self, and strives to be excellent in all she does. She knows what works for her and she emulates opulent beauty.  The brand reflects what they celebrate; the beauty, boldness, class and pride of a woman in the detail of each piece.

They detail the simple art of sophistication and luxury through the colour and vibrancy of each garment. The collection holds impeccable customer appeal from the cuts to the stitches.  They tell of the same things, elegance and simplicity.

Tribal Gem 


Tribal Gem is the product of two good friends exploring their love of fashion with influences heavily drawn from their African heritage and sewn to their British upbringing. Tribal Gem is about the modern day woman from every background still being able to rock her African clothes but with a modern day edge to it.

They aim to bring the UK/African of our heritage to the clothing we bring at affordable prices.  The name Tribal Gem derived from the fact that the  clothing is African based and each piece is unique and no two are the same, hence they are gems.

Mademoiselle Agalia 


Mademoiselle Aglaia is new fashion line that started in 2009 . They work with african and contemporary fabrics to change the african look of fashion, most of the designs are for women but they also produce designs for men.

4pm Show 

ODF Clothing 


I don’t believe in favouritism but… this one was my favourite! The aim of ODF clothing brand is to merge contemporary fashion with the classic preppy look from the 1980’s and it works oh so well. The collections may deceive the eye with simplicity, but ODF Clothing is a way of expressing views on society.

As a company it continues to explore internal qualities to the fashion industry, ranging the business market with fresh ideas and holds intentions of being distinguished for being a unique and talented establishment.