In what will most likely stir up some beef between Rihanna’s Navy and Rita’s Rita Bots, Rihanna has joined in on a comparison between herself and Rita Ora, crafted by fans.

A few days ago Rihanna posted a picture on Instagram of herself supposedly working from her bed, while looking seemingly relaxed.

However, it seems Rita Ora then followed and posted a picture of herself on the exact same social media site with a very similar caption.

A fan of Rihanna then merged the two pictures together (above) to make a comparison between the two pictures and wrote the caption:

where is the originality?

The picture then circulated amongst fans and eventually, seemed to capture Rihanna’s attention as she clicked the ‘Like’ button on the picture, confirming she had agreed with the statement the fan had written.

Fans then reacted to Rihanna’s participation in what they dub as ‘shade’:


Oh dear.

Just when it seems Rita was finally breaking free of the Rihanna comparisons (especially after posting so many messages about it herself), this happens.

Rihanna is well known for her online rants and feuds with her peers, and everybody knows RiRi doesn’t cower from going head-to-head with anybody.

I wonder if Rita has seen this yet. Ha!

So much for the picture below