Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian have sent the world on a wild goose chase trying to establish exactly what their relationship is.

They sparked more interest in their lives when Rita hacked Rob’s Twitter, tweeting his love for her. Also, his tweets have all been deleted from thousands to just 57. Talk about case of a crazy girlfriend!

Naturally we assumed this was Rita’s way of making a mark on her man, that territorial thing we do, but in a recent interview with Rollercoaster she dismissed all rumours of love between them as she revealed that she and Rob were

Just really good friends

She went on to express her single-life woes;

I am lonely. I just want to be in a relationship.

So turns out she is single after all and yearning for love but no-one seems good enough for our Rita! Maybe One Directions’ cougar slayer Harry Styles may have a chance with Rita after the two were seen canoodling at G.A.Y last month.

We hope it’s R.I.P to the girl we used to know and that a new loved-up Rita can find some romance for the winter nights ahead.