We’re still trying to figure out what goes through Rita Ora’s mind when she steps out of the house in a few of her outfits.

To be honest, her ensembles at the VMA’s last night, didn’t bring us any closer to knowing. The singer made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in, not one but, two dodgy outfits.

She first turned up on the red carpet in an extra sparkly jumpsuit, which we were sure would cause some damage to our eyes if we stared at it too long. The announcer even made a warning to those with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Later on in the show, the star was on stage to present an award, wearing a white gown.  This look would have been much better, if not for those strange, bird feather looking things on her shoulders.

Her hair and face looked stunning as usual, but it just wasn’t enough to distract us from her fashion disasters, again.

We’re beginning to think she might be a lost cause.