Rita Ora’s all about being original. The singer told Rollercoaster magazine that she doesn’t care about comparisons between her and fellow Roc Nation artist, Rihanna. How great for her.

She says,

My music’s different, we sing differently, we’re from different parts of the world.

Well that wasn’t obvious at all. Thank you for clearing that up Rita. Because we, and the rest of the universe, see it differently. Like, totally.

She also wanted to clear up any rumours about cat fights between her and Rihanna,

Plus we’ve seen each other lots of times and we hang out.  So if people are trying to create a feud, not going to work. Even if that was the case, Roc would be like, ‘What are you guys doing? You’re part of the same family!

She doesn’t have to worry about us comparing the two of them anyway. One is a sexy, world famous star selling millions of records, the other is a very confused singer, who has a thing for getting dressed in the dark. Yup, pretty sure we know who is who.