skepta 2012

We weren’t aware that Skepta was running a charity these days, but apparently he is after agreeing to donate £100 to one of his fans, who claimed they were short of money.

Bethany Kelly boldly tweeted the Boy Better Know star on Friday asking him if he could lend her some money. And unbelievably, he agreed and told her to send him her bank account details via a direct message.

Skepta’s logic behind this random act of generosity was that Bethany asked honestly and he thought it was important to show support to the fans that have supported him.

He explained to one follower who questioned his actions:

And if you were wondering whether he was being serious, Bethany later confirmed she’d received the money and then proceeded to share her Blackberry pin with all the new followers she’d gained, as you do.

While many people, including JME, dubbed Skepta a legend and a hero for his kindness, we can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t share this ‘spare money’ with those fans that may actually need it a lot more.

As far as we can tell from Bethany’s twitter profile, she’s a student that enjoys going to festivals and wearing name brands, such as Obey and Ray Ban. Correct us if we’re wrong, but all of those things require money don’t they? So surely she can’t be that skint.

Nevertheless, good for her. She asked and she got. Now Skepta, we’ve been meaning to talk to you about that ferrari we really NEED…