stooshe 2012

Despite a number of people slating the new series of X Factor and ratings dropping to 8.1 million viewers (3 million less than last year), girl group Stooshe have admitted that they would still love to perform on the show.

When asked if a performance could be on the cards, they said:

We’d love it! We all watch the show and have grown up with it since we’ve started so we wouldn’t say no.

And even though there have been a number of changes to the show’s format, the girls have remained loyal fans:

Yeah I am [still a fan] because you always know what you’re going to get. It’s nice to see people grow and dealing with a lot of pressure. They’re thrown into something completely mad but it’s nice to see your favourites blossom into amazing singer.

However, it sounds like they’re a bit relieved to have not had to go through the X Factor circus process themselves in order to score a record deal:

Everything for us happened pretty quickly but we had the beauty of time to develop our style and sound for a couple of years beforehand. Our record label Warner pretty much signed us as we were and have done very little tweaking. Things have got very busy, but you keep people around you that help you and know where you want to go. You never know how quickly things are going to change.

But if Stooshe had auditioned for the singing competition, somehow we can imagine Tulisa would have loved to have mentored them (after probably claiming that she can relate to their style/attitude/struggle… *rolls eyes*)