Wiley performing at Surrey University as part of Fresher’s Week

This week was more than a ‘heatwave’ for Wiley as the star found himself under fire from Surrey University students over a performance he did for them on Monday.

The 33-year-old grime legend was subjected to Twitter abuse and live verbal abuse from students of Surrey University after he failed to meet their expectations during a live set as part of Fresher’s Week, leaving hundreds furious.

As previously reported, Wiley had apparently turned up late to a gig at the University with an unprofessional attitude.

Now, some students from Surrey University and attendees of the event have spoken to Pappzd about their experiences on the night and reveal how the MC issued ‘diva’ demands for a Vodka-Lemonade while they remained furious.

L-R: Kyus, Olly and Mary at Surrey University

I spoke to Kyus, Mary and Olly of Surrey University. Olly told me

The tickets were £10, we were charged a booking fee also and it was so not worth it! We basically paid £10 for the length of time he was on the stage, which was no more than 10 minutes!

It was said that Wiley was extremely late on the night and Mary explained:

We actually got there around 11pm, we all expected to see him around 1am at the very latest. The ticket clearly stated the show finished at 2am and he turned up 10 minutes before the end. So that was a 50 minute wait from 1am… for a 10 minute performance. People were definitely pissed!

The events clearly left a lot of bitter feelings. Olly told me:

It completely changed my view of him at least the DJ’s in-between were good I guess.

When I spoke to Mary, I asked her if she agreed with Olly.

Same, I was so looking forward to the night and he had the nerve to demand a Vodka-lemonade when he was that late! It was a joke to be honest!

I asked the students if they would consider going to see Wiley again, perhaps at a bigger event. The consensus was generally negative with Kyus saying:

Nah, not unless it was free. Then maybe I’d think about it.

Mary added:

Same, I didn’t even really want to go and see him anyway to be honest, I knew about two songs out of his four-song set-list. Haha!

And Olly agreed saying:

Me neither, I’ve heard he does it a lot at his shows from other people who’ve seen him. If he’s done it before, he’ll probably do it again. I just wouldn’t bother.

Finally, I brought up the fact that Wiley was clearly annoyed by the reaction he received online and at the event, and asked what the atmosphere was like on the night. Olly spoke first:

Well, to start there was a mosh-pit in the middle of the floor, then a fight actually broke out and people were getting really angry. At that point people had started to shout ‘Wiley, you’re shit!’

Mary carried on:

The reaction from the second years was horrible! Especially up on the balcony in the club the freshers seemed to be OK but I guess that’s because it was all a new experience to them so they jumped at anything. We saw Labrinth at the end-of-year show for last semester. At least he was good!

And Kyus told me:

It was crazy, everyone was moaning and booing. I guess the most exciting part was to see him go on a Twitter rant after he’d actually left and realised how crap that the night was. Bit too late then mate!

I asked the guys if there were any lasting thoughts they had about the events of that night. Kyus said:

To be honest, I didn’t understand why he acted like we owe him when it was his gig. He hasn’t been popular for so long and he finally came back with a hit and it was his chance to gain old fans and brand new ones. He blew it

Olly went on:

He didn’t show any remorse, that’s what really got to me. Didn’t try hard enough and he should of just apologised and given us a wicked show, instead of acting like a bitch!

And Mary wrapped it up:

I think it would have been a really great night! He had no apology and that’s what upset me and everything went downhill from there. I do think some students took it to far, with the abuse and stuff but he shouldn’t have acted up so much and given us a great time.

Well it appears that hell hath no fury like a student scorned. I guess with the exorbitant tuition fees they’re paying to be there in the first place,  coupled with the £10 charge for the gig on top of that, they have a right to expect a top, experienced act like Wiley to come and do the business. No long ting.