Chris Brown CD Stickers This Man Beats Women

While the Americans may have moved on from the ChRihanna Affair, it seems that we here in the UK are making Chris Brown work a bit harder to get our support.

His most recent album Fortune has been plastered with warning stickers in a London HMV store. No, not the typical ‘Parental Advisory’ ones though – these ones read “WARNING. DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM! THIS MAN BEATS WOMEN.”


It is not known how these stickers came to be stuck all over Chris Brown’s new album, but whoever did it did a good job of making sure no CD was missed out.

This isn’t the first time Chris Brown has been subjected to negativity in the UK, with his visa into the country being denied back in 2010.

Is this fair? Should we just focus on his music now, or should we never let him forget?