Tinchy Stryder is taking time out of his busy schedule to help out London’s troubled youth.

Inspired by the London riots last summer, Tinchy has linked arms with a charity in providing support for disadvantaged teens. And it doesn’t stop there as Tinchy is also donating money through the sales of his new headphones and speakers.

Tinchy Stryder, who was born and raised on an estate in East London definitely understands what teens these days are going through when it comes to rough living. He told the Daily Star:

You should always try and give something back and remember where you came from.

Tinchy isn’t leaving behind his past any time soon. He has already started changing the lives of those who have been lacking a lot, as he is also linked with charity Vinspired which provides kids with something fulfilling to channel their positive energy into.

He went on to say:

I feel honoured and proud that I can help improve some people’s path in life

What a sweet lad! It’s always good when there are role models for the youth.