Trey Songz would be interested in X Factor UK judging role

US heartthrob Trey Songz has revealed that he would be interested in becoming a judge on X Factor, yes – X Factor UK!

When asked if he would consider a role on American Idol, he said:

I don’t know. I think I’d have to get to another point in my career before I’d feel comfortable sitting on TV every day versus going out and doing music and being able to do what I love.

He then added:

I’d probably, more so, take X Factor here [in the UK], because there’s more opportunity. I love America, but when you’re here you can jump from place to place

You’re on X Factor one day, you’re in Cannes, you’re in Germany – there are so many different territories you can hop to and financial opportunities, as well as branding opportunities.

We definitely agree that there’s more opportunity for you here in the UK, Trey. Holla at me, and I’ll open up some new angles for you.

We’ll wait at the airport shall we, girls?