Tulisa has revealed that she ordered one of her friends to follow Fazer during their relationship.

In yet another revelation from her autobiography, Honest, My Story So Far, Tulisa describes herself as a “Ghetto Miss Marple” and says she was insecure and jealous.

I temporarily moved in with my PA Gareth, telling Fazer I needed a bit of space. Maybe I wanted to give us one last chance. Then one of my friends called me after spotting Fazer and a girl coming out of a nightclub one night, and I asked my friend to follow them. Yep, Ghetto Miss Marple was on the case one final time! Sure enough, later that night, my friend sent me a picture of them going into the girl’s apartment together, which I sent straight to Fazer.

‘Bingo!’ I said. ‘Got ya!’ Fazer’s comeback was something about having been at a party at the girl’s place the night before and going back to pick up his phone charger. Maybe this was true, and I have no evidence to prove otherwise, but because of the long-running drama between us, and all my paranoia, I just couldn’t take the stress any more. I told him we were finished.

The pair, who have known each other since they were kids, split in January this year with no specific reason given. Tulisa now says that she broke up the relationship after Fazer tried to convince her to give him a second chance following his late night with another girl:

I still didn’t believe him, but I didn’t have any evidence so I gave him one more lifeline just the same – I’m fair like that. ‘Ok then,’ I said. ‘If you take a lie detector test and you’re telling the truth, then I’ll give you a chance. Otherwise, we’re finished.’

As I suspected, he wouldn’t do the test. He made every excuse under the sun over the next week not to do it. ‘Well then we’re finished,’ I told him.

Wonder what Tulisa will be Honest about tomorrow… Her autobiography is available on bookshelves today.