Tulisa has her mind set on settling down at the age of 28, giving herself four years to find her soulmate. The X Factor judge told The Sun:

I really want to have kids – though not until I’m around 28 because I want to be with a man I’m going to stay with.

T has been single since splitting from actor Jack O’Connell earlier this year but seems to be enjoying the single-girl life as she was spotted spending most of her summer partying. The 24-year-old recently admitted she would love to have a boyfriend, but men find her threatening:

There’s nowhere for me to meet anyone. Men are scared of me and won’t approach me. Even if I like someone and I’m fluttering my eyelashes, they still run a mile. So I wouldn’t have dates if I didn’t approach people.

That’s why I go for really tough lads because only they can handle it.