She may have been their winning judge on the X Factor last year, but Tulisa is clearly still very attached to winners Little Mix.

The 24-year-old judge has admitted she is currently infatuated with the style of the trendy, girl group and has been taking tips from them.

Speaking at the Vodafone London Fashion Weekender launch before her performance, Tulisa noted one member of the group’s style has been catching her eye more than the others though.

I keep seeing Jade in these little outfits and being like ‘I wanna rock that’. It’s fun. I’m 24 and I still have plenty of days when I dress like I’m 18.

Elaborating more on her own, much needed, development in the fashion department, she said:

I’ve definitely got girlier. I’ve got two complete sides. Sometimes I’m a bit of a tomboy and dress like one and other times I’m really girly. I go through mood swings.

I guess she’s just happier she no longer dresses like a Vicky Pollard tribute act and has the flexibility to switch it up more now, especially with the amount she’s making for being on her second series of X Factor.

Congratulations Tulisa, you’ve evidently come along way in the style department!