Tulisa has defended her single Live It Up’s chart position, stating the reason is that “it’s urban.”

The track, which features Tyga, debuted in the charts at No.11, which isn’t even a bad position. However, when you take in to consideration her debut solo single Young went straight in at No.1 and all her X Factor “fans”, it is strange that it didn’t chart higher.

The singer, who released the track list and album artwork for her forthcoming album this week, told BBC Newsbeat that she didn’t expect the single to be a No.1 hit as it was more “urban” than Young.

I know it’s urban. I know that it’s probably not going to chart high. I said I didn’t know if it will even get into the top ten. With that single it was strategic to sell the album. I’m not trying to get a number one with this one… I want to show a different side to the album.

If you look at the amount of urban music that dominates the current UK music chart, we don’t think you can use the fact that your single is “urban” as an excuse for it’s low chart position. Sorry T.