Tulisa with Pet Tiger in Ibiza

Tulisa has revealed she wants to retire to Ibiza and adopt a pet tiger…. Right.

The bizarre revelation came when Tulisa told the Daily Star that the holiday island would be her ideal place to retire when she decides her showbiz lifestyle has become too much for her. The X Factor judge said:

Ibiza is my favourite place in the world. When I retire, I want to buy a home there. I want to get a tiger, learn to play the guitar and be a top chef, so I’m going to be pretty busy when I’m old.

And as for the tiger:

I’d train the tiger from a cub, and then pray it didn’t eat me.

Tulisa said she loves the island because she goes there every summer to party it up with her crew. She explained:

I chose Ibiza because it’s always the best thing about summer. When I think of summer, I immediately think Ibiza. That’s where we really live it up.

Wonder if she’s planning to still hit the clubs at 60?