Tulisa in a webcam chat for The Sun

Queen of X Factor Tulisa has finished giving The Sun an exclusive interview in which she answered questions from fans through a live video web-chat.

The interview which was scheduled to start at 4:30 pm today didn’t start until 5:30pm, however we watched it long enough to find out what she had to say. She dished out quite a lot, from N-Dubz to her celebrity crushes!

In news that will thrill N-Dublets everywhere, Tulisa gave some hope to an N-Dubz reunion one day when Steve from Manchester asked the singer

 If your solo career really takes off, will you ever return to N-Dubz?

Tulisa replied

I really miss the boys! I think about getting back together with them every day. I’m like when should we do it; pick a day, pick a time!

Wow! She only this week complained of being bored about being asked the very same question! All the questions must have had Tulisa feeling nostalgic as she went on to say

I felt quite sad that I didn’t get a No.1 with the boys. When I heard that my single went to number one I thought it where is my team!

Awww, poor Tulisa. If she’s still yearning for the boys return after all the drama this year she must really love them. Even Fazer!

Bryan from Essex didn’t waste any time in bringing up her love life, he asked

Are you single now? If so, what do you look for in a man?

Tulisa branded herself single and said

I am attracted to cheeky chaps!

No kidding about the cheeky. We figured that out after her ex MC Ultra exposed their private videos. Oh Tulisa, maybe you should just go for a nice chap, eh?

She did reveal that her ultimate celeb crush is Hollywood actor Tom Hardy!

I’d go on a date with Tom Hardy if he wasn’t engaged!

Easy there Tulisa, no love triangles round here! And we all know that nowadays “I’d date…” is a euphemism for “I’d have sex with…”

Go figure!

The interview was organised by The Sun and will be available on their website very soon.