Tulisa has revealed that she wishes she had lost her virginity to her ex-boyfriend and N-Dubz bandmate Fazer.

The singer writes in her biography Honest, My Story So Far, which is  serialised in The Sun:

All the time I was on and off with Fazer,  he really wanted us to have sex but he was a gentleman about it. And now I’d  given myself away to someone else.

I very much regret this now, and I wish that Fazer had been my first, but it  wasn’t to be.

Gotta take your opportunities while you can, hun.

Tulisa and Fazer dated throughout their years together in N-Dubz but kept their romance a  secret and split earlier this year. Tulisa confirms in her book that she first had sex when she was 14 with a 17-year-old and that she was desperate for love.

I had too many boys too soon. I regret losing my innocence so early. I wore  my heart on my sleeve and I was ready to give my all if I thought I was going to  get love in return. My overwhelming craving to be loved led me into some very bad relationships.

I hoped if I slept with a guy he would look after me and make me feel loved, and  I wanted to be looked after and loved more than anything.”

The X Factor judge also revealed in her book that she suffered a sex-attack when she was just 16.