If you were intending on putting the moves on Usher when he comes to the UK on his tour, you’ve got a bit more time to plan. The singer has decided to pushed the dates of his Euphoria tour back.

The star has had to postpone the tour until Autumn 2013, due to things going on in his life that he needs to focus on. He has just won primary care of his sons in a custody battle with his ex wife, and wants to focus on spending time with them. He’s also recently been made a mentor on The Voice USA, adding to his hectic lifestyle.

A statement released says

Due to professional and personal commitments Usher will have to reschedule his upcoming European tour dates. With the recently confirmed commitment to the Voice, to ensure that his fans world-wide are treated to the best possible concert experience, the entire tour will be rescheduled to fall (autumn) 2013 with dates in both North America and Europe scheduled to run concurrently at that time.

Usher also added a personal note to fans

The feeling of euphoria that I get when performing for you is indescribable. I love each and every one of you and thank you for being there every step of the way. I truly appreciate and am grateful for your support while I take this time to focus on my children and continue to evolve with my fans. Evolve or evaporate. Love Usher.

Well since he put it so nicely, I’m sure you guys don’t mind waiting a bit longer.