Students at Surrey University apparently didn’t rate Wiley’s performance for them, and they told him.

Being students, they didn’t stoop so low as to throw bottles (not even bottles filled with piss as Cher Lloyd will attest), rotten tomatoes or seats ripped from the auditorium.

Surrey University, where Wiley was abused by angry fans

No, being students, they communicated their displeasure as eloquently as chanting, ‘Wiley, you’re shit!”

An angry Wiley took to Twitter to explain his story of events:

His Twitter mentions were then set on fire by students of Surrey who had been in the audience and the abuse lasted for some time:

Despite Wiley’s claims on the night’s drama, I spoke to a very close friend of mine who actually attends Surrey University and was present at the event. He said:

Wiley turned up very late and didn’t even apologise.  We all paid good money to see him and the frustration just got to the point where we all started booing him..

The godfather of grime was also said to have had a very short-set of around 15 minutes, despite claims of performing for the full length his set was booked for.

Wiley’s set was also said to have been very unprofessional and something that could have been set up in a car garage, not the quality of a UK recording artist who’s currently high in the charts.

Lastly, he was reportedly rude to staff backstage in retaliation to the flack he had received from angry and disappointed students.

It’s certainly not a good look for the 33-year-old artist. It may definitely make it harder for him to get any university bookings in the future.

For the sake of his job, maybe he should kill his ego and do what he’s supposed to do.