It’s no secret that the relationship between East London’s premiere MCs, and the founders of grime, Wiley and Dizzee Rascal has been less than rosy since the issues between the two in 2003.

Wiley has already made it clear on several occasions that he has no problem with Dizzee anymore and has reached out to him many times, but the two are not friends just yet.

Wiley took to Twitter again to show his respect for Dizzee, saying:

He went on to express that he still has love for Dizzee despite their problems and wouldn’t mind collaborating with him again:

While Dizzee Rascal didn’t exactly show love back, he appreciated Wiley’s efforts:

Dizzee then took it upon himself to address the ‘beef’ between him and Wiley whilst categorically stating that there would not be any kind of reunion between them:

Some followers were skeptical about Dizzee’s sudden reply in the light of Wiley’s recent commercial success with single Heatwave.

More relevant? Erm… We don’t see how somebody who famously performed at this summer’s London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony to an estimated worldwide audience of 1 billion people can be deemed irrelevant but…

Dizzee, who had previously blocked Wiley on Twitter,  laughed off those claims:

Still, Wiley seemed adamant on the idea of the two getting back in the studio together by retweeting all the fans that agreed with him:

We have to give Wiley respect for his 200% effort and being grown enough to reach out so publicly, often seemingly wearing his heart on his sleeve. But, sadly I wouldn’t hold my breath.