What is it with Wiley and his random tweets about other people in the industry?

It was just last week he directed a series of tweets to and about Dizzee Rascal and now he is at it again. This time he’s sharing his views on SB.TV

Despite the fact that no one actually asked, Wiley took the duty to tell us all that he has distanced himself from the SB.TV team.

He didn’t explain why this is or even why he is telling the world, but he did try and thaw some of the ice from his first tweet paying respects to Jamal Edwards, who founded the online media empire in 2006.

So just to clarify, Wiley wants no affiliation with SB.TV whatsoever but he still respects Jamal Edwards, the founder. Right… this makes perfect sense. Attention seeking again, Wiley?

It’s not even lunch time yet Wiley, give it a rest!