Let us us all cast our minds back to last weekend’s X Factor. Remember MK1? No? Well, do you remember the ‘urban act’ who performed Pro Green and Emeli Sande’s Read All About It mixed with Tinie Tempah’s Written in the Stars?

The group consisted of a young girl called Charlie, a boy named Simeon… and then there was another guy, Will, who seemed a tad out of place in the group. After the performance he was called ‘agitating’ by Tulisa. Remember now? Thought so.

Well, it was recently revealed that the boy who looked ever so slightly out of place in the band is set to record with Justin Edwards. That name sounds familiar right? Well he is Tulisa’s ex boyfriend, who released the Tulisa sextape back in March. What a funny coincidence.

Although Will was undeniably bad, perhaps Tulisa knew about Will’s connections with her ex boyfriend, and took this opportunity to lay into him, pretty damn hard if truth be told, telling him

I need to understand what your involvement is in the band.

Tulisa’s harsh words didn’t damage Will too much though. He seemed pretty excited about recording a track with Tulisa’s ex, as he tweeted

That will be a track I for one cannot wait to hear.