Boot camp hasn’t even been aired on TV yet but two of the X Factor’s contestants have already got it on. Rapper Clapz Shizzayne, who flirted with Tulisa by kissing her on the cheek, has already got lucky with a fellow female contestant.

The girl, who is in one of the groups, has begged the hopeful rapper not to tell anyone who she is. Clearly she’s pleased with herself.

I promised I wouldn’t say the name. She was really begging me, ‘Please don’t tell anyone. I don’t want my parents to know’

It all started with a party thrown in Liverpool by the X Factor bosses for the contestants and according to Clapz:

I just kissed her and it developed into… you know what I’m saying.

Unsurprisingly, the encounter affected the rapper’s ability to rehearse for his upcoming boot camp audition.

I wonder who the girl is. When the boot camp episodes come up I’ll be keeping a close eye on the girls in the groups… and looking out for the girl who keeps forgetting her dance steps.

Watch his audition below and let us know if you think his game is all that.

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