Finally it’s the end of the week. For some, that may mean a crazy weekend ahead. Or it could mean time to catch up on all the hours of sleep you’ve been deprived of. If you’re unlucky, like me, it could mean a weekend of work.

Well if you missed the Urban news this week, here are 10 things we didn’t know last week that we’re so glad we do now know!

  1. The bilingual phone company: O2 speaks slang
    O2 gained some street cred following a conversation with one of their customers in which they chose to respond using street slang. When @Tunde24__7 tweeted the phone company in slang I’m sure he was not expecting the reply they gave! O2 replied using words such as ‘fam’ and ‘bruv’. Hilarious!
  2. Coco Pops are a tad racist
    Kellogg’s apparently asked rapper Dizzee Rascal to play the voice of their Coco Pops cereal’s trademark monkey. A black guy doing the voiceover for a monkey? We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on how that went down.
  3. The second half of his name isn’t the only thing Chip is missing
    Chip seemed to have ditched the UK for a shot at America but the grime artist is trying to uphold his status here in the UK rap scene. It doesn’t seem to be going that well after his disappointing freestyle at the BET Cypher awards. Has Chip lost his mojo?
  4. Amir Khan aka Rocky Balboa!
    Boxer Amir Khan proves he’s still got it as he knocks out six men who tried to steal his Range Rover car. Yep that’s right, one man (ok, him and his brother) against six! Phwoar. Our boy Amir has got skills!
  5. The verdict on Noel Clarke’s new film
    Although Noel Clarke didn’t direct The Knot we need someone to blame for its lack of substance and unfortunately that weight has been placed on his shoulders. Poor guy. He’s not having it though…
  6. Jourdan Dunn shows us how it’s done!
    Supermodel Jourdan Dunn has bragged about her cooking through Twitter for some time. Now it’s time for her to put her culinary skills where her mouth is! She has landed a spot on Jay-Z’s YouTube channel hosting her very own cooking show.
  7. Big Bum Vanity kills. Literally
    British student Claudia Aderotimi from Hackney, east London died from a dodgy plastic surgery procedure after transgender hip-hop wannabe Padge Windslowe injected industrial silicone into her arse. They say “no pain, no gain” but surely this is one gain she could have lived without.
  8. Alesha Dixon’s harsh childhood!
    When Alesha Dixon revealed, to her father, her plans of being a singer she was not expecting him to crush them with his cruel words. Thankfully she took this on the chin and carried on to the road of success regardless.
  9. Wiley may need witness protection as he lashes out at Uni students
    Wiley is clearly traumatised after his ordeal at Surrey University. He now has a new-found hate for all university students and he made this very clear on Twitter branding them ‘pieces of shit.’ Not very nice, Wiley.
  10. Shakedown festival: Professor Green has an attitude problem! Stooshe work the crowd! And Brighton is a big fan of fancy dress!
    Pappzd headed down to Brighton last weekend for the Shakedown festival and we were amazed at the variety of outfit costumes and colours. Check out best and worst dressed!

That’s it this week. Have a great weekend!