It’s been one hell of a week hasn’t it! The news over the past few days has been shocking, saddening and quite frankly silly!

In case you missed any, here are 10 things we found out this week that you should know too!

  1. Giggs Shows he was Released from Prison Unrehabilitated
    Giggs claims the Bajan beauty and lead singer of Cover Drive ‘owes him’ because he used to watch her wining on his prison TV set. This story is unsettling.
  2. Rihanna ‘robbing’ Fenty!
    Rihanna apparently demanded £5M to do the blood and sweat filled task of flicking a switch to turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield, Stratford City.
  3. The Police are STILL Institutionally Racist: Now they can call Blacks Nigger
    PC Alex MacFarlane, who was recorded calling Mauro Demetrio a nigger during last years riots, has been let off by a jury that returned a hung verdict. What type of message does this send, we ask?
  4. Should Serbian FA get the sack?
    Serbian fans racially abused England’s black players during the under 21’s match. Now the question is: how should Serbia be punished?
  5. Policeman who Stole from the Dead Sentenced
    Ex-PC Richard Bent (irony at its finest) has been found guilty of stealing money and possessions from the homes of dead people. By the end of the year we won’t have any police on the right side of the law.
  6. Are You Even a Rapper Doe?
    Funky Dee (ooh someone was creative) has announced he will be featured on Lord Of The Mics 4 which showcases clashes between talented UK grime artists. Three words: You what mate?
  7. Woman Possessed by Devil Beaten by Husband & Son
    A woman was violently beaten by her husband, son and son-in-law because they believed she was possessed by the devil. So Africans aren’t the only ones who do this stuff then.
  8. Jessie J: To Cut Her Hair or Not, for That is the Question
    Jessie J has been banging on about her long overdue haircut. Of course, I remain unconvinced that she will cut off her locks but she maintains a calm and collected attitude towards the big chop. I suppose she’ll be singing a different tune once its done.
  9. Brits Doing it Big at MOBO Awards!
    American acts usually never turn up to the MOBO’s but that doesn’t stop them from snagging awards every year. Lots of British artists have been confirmed as nominees this year, and lots will be performing. Fingers crossed.
  10. You Asked, We Gave: London 2012 Team GB 2013 Calendar
    One of our writers had a bit of time on her hands and responded to Team GB Olympian Lawrence Okoye’s wish for a London 2012 Team GB 2013 calendar. This isn’t really a ‘what we learnt’ but it’s pretty cool and it took a while to make to have a peep!

That’s it this week. Have a great weekend.