17-Year-Old 'Very Famous' Male TV Star Charged with Boy Rape 14

A  17-year-old British television star, who Pappzd cannot name due to legal reasons, has been charged of raping and molesting a 14-year-old boy in July 2010. He would have been sixteen at the time.

The very famous television star is charged with assaulting the victim on five separate occasions at locations including the boy’s school and also a London theatre.

The household name, who is from Sutton in south London, has been charged by the Metropolitan Police for touching the boy without his consent, oral rape, and a further two counts of sexual assault and assault occasioning harm.

The 14-year-old victim, also from Sutton and who also cannot be named, came forward revealing he has suffered sexual and violent abuse from the prime time TV star. Following the Jimmy Savile scandal, every day seems to bring to light another TV star who abused their position of fame to prey over young children.

The accused is set to appear at Highbury Youth Court on Tuesday 6 November 2012. Can you imagine the scrum outside that courthouse for everybody to find out who it is?

Pappzd has marked that date in our diary.