Never mind, I’ll find someone like you…” is THE memorable line from one of Adele’s biggest singles. It is admittedly an emotional song and suits many sad occasions… but your mum’s funeral? Or your dad, your grandmother maybe?

The Co-operative’s funeral music chart has shown that Someone Like You comes in at number 22 in the list of most requested songs played at funerals. I think this might be one accolade Adele doesn’t rate too highly.

Adele’s lyrics have been called deep and confusing before i.e Set Fire To The Rain and Rolling In The Deep, but isn’t anybody listening to the words of Someone Like You? It’s pretty straight forward really.

You’re sad because of a break-up but you’ll eventually move on because you’ll find a replacement. And erm… you do realise you can’t replace dead people, right? How can you tell a dearly departed that, “I wish nothing but the best for you… ”

The person is dead. What best are you really wishing them?

This has to be worse than when Simon Cowell chose REM’s Everybody Hurts as the song for the Haiti earthquake disaster relief. Remember that song? The lyrics basically say, “Yeah, shit happens to everyone, so, you know, like just man-up dude, and get the hell on with yo shit… Sometimes