Alesha Dixon has revealed her own father did not believe she would have any success as an artist, not because of her talent, but because of her skin colour.

Alesha, born to an English mother and Jamaican father, told ES magazine

The day I told my dad I want to be in a girl group he said to me black people from this country don’t succeed

Jeez. Talk about harsh!

Fortunately this did not sway Alesha from her dreams of being a star, and she told her father

I’m not going to base my decisions in life based on other people’s successes or failures. I have to make my own path

Alesha, who features on Ashley Walters’new single, was only around 16 years old at the time, and we admire her persistence and determination to break into the industry!

Clearly her mindset paid off as she has made a big name for herself in the UK as well as internationally!