Alexandra Burke joined Tulisa for her weekly X Factor results show afterparty which took place at London’s Aura nightclub last night.

She decided to wear a fitted black midi dress with an ombré leopard print design and it didn’t look so good to be honest. I want to blame the dress, but I don’t think that was the problem.

I guess the brassy blonde weave with the black roots wasn’t helping matters. Neither was the red lipstick. The leopard print, blonde hair and red lipstick altogether just didn’t scream ‘classy’.

I must say, even though I’m not a fan of the high neck of the dress or the fading leopard print design, it does fit her amazingly and makes her body look fantastic.

The men in the Pappzd office are going nuts over these pictures. Literally. All I can hear is ‘back off’, and I don’t think they’re talking about personal space issues! So she must be doing something right.

But I have to make my judgement based on the whole ensemble.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist