Americas Next Top Model

The original American poster for British Invasion

Remember when Pappzd revealed that Britain’s Next Top Model runner-up Alisha White from south London threw away her once in a lifetime opportunity to become America’s Next Top Model on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion?

It seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? Well, the show has finally travelled across the pond and can now be watched on a TV set near you, if you have Sky Living. The show airs tonight and will run every Monday at 9pm.

The show aired in the USA back in February this year when producers decided that after 17 previous series of ANTM, they needed to spice things up a little.

We reckon the thinking behind the idea went something like this:

‘Guys, the show’s getting stale and we’re losing viewers. How can we get back to the top?

I know, let’s put seven gorgeous American hopefuls against seven UK favourites from Britain’s Next Top Model. They can fight it out (literally) for a chance to win a modelling contract worth $100,000 (about £62,000) with CoverGirl cosmetics and a spread in Vogue Italia.’

That’s bound to cause a few dramas!

As the first episode reveals tonight, our girls are segregated from the US contestants like a boxing match – with America in one corner and the UK in the other.

The British girls can be seen constantly battling for survival with an all American judging panel. But joining our UK hopefuls are a host of guest judges including Kelly Osbourne, Cat Deeley and Nadine Coyle. Yes, you read that right, Nadine from Girls Aloud, balancing the bias panel. (It’s only fair)

Contestants of Americas Next Top Model

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the girls ‘Ty-overs’ in the second week.

For all those not familiar with Trya Banks’ ‘Tyra-isms’, a ‘Ty-over’ is simply a makeover with a twist. The girls have no say in their new style. So basically, we get to see them cry and breakdown as their hair is shaved, cut and weaved. Any woman’s nightmare!

Louise makeover

British contestant Louise NOT happy about her makeover

This season Tyra is bound to have a few ridiculous surprises up her up sleeve, as well as new crazy ‘Tyra-isms’, causing more dramas than ever before and making this a season not to be missed.