Twitter fell silent yesterday after Anton Murphy announced he was going, and not in a good way.

Going where – we don’t know (nor care) but in an almost suicidal tweet he said he’ll be back with his single. Ta for that, can’t wait.

The earlier tweets from the guy that was once on Big Brother makes it seem Anton is going through a midlife crisis.

Not many then, since only one person re-tweeted the tweet and it only had one reply.

Maybe he is just feeling unloved and needs a bit of TLC.

Or maybe he’s just looking for a bit of attention and trying (and failing – except for this post) to make everyone hype about his new tunes.

On a serious note though, it may actually be a real suicide note since he hasn’t updated Twitter or Facebook in two days. So if you know Anton, you might wanna pop over. See if he needs a chat or a warm cuppa.

And if he has, y’know – gone… Deal with it on the downlow please. The rest of us are a bit busy these days.


Anton is fine and dandy after all (which we knew all along :-).

Prompted by our Tweet, he returned to Twitter to say

Awww, soz Anton, but at least it made you peep your head back up and break your silence. Smile, dude!