Phillip Sherriff being taken to the Ambulance with fatal stab wounds

Remember when father of two Phillip Sherriff, 37, from Preston, Lancashire was stabbed in the neck with a bottle during the BlackBerry Party at Pulse Nightclub where Jessie J was performing back in April and later died in hospital?

Well his attacker Ashley Charles, 26, from Leicester stood in the dock at the Old Bailey and denied murder on Monday. The jury and Mr Sherriff’s family had just watched CCTV footage of the attack.

Hanging his head in shame: Ashley Charles outside the Old Bailey

It was alleged that Charles squeezed between Mr Sherriff and a woman at the free bar and words where exchanged leading to the attack.

However, it was made clear in court that Charles continued to jostle Mr Sherriff after obtaining his two free beers. Both men continued to irritate each other with Mr Sherriff light-heartedly teasing Charles who was trying to chat up a woman. It is claimed Mr Sherriff said

She doesn’t want to talk to you, mate. I think she’d rather talk to me

One witness claims to have heard an argument between the defendant and Mr Sherriff, which appeared to be related to a phone. CCTV footage, shown to the jury, showed Charles lunging twice towards Mr Sherriff’s phone but he was unsuccessful.

The fatal attack followed moments after, with Charles taking Mr Sherriff’s bottle of beer out of his right hand and slashing him across the neck and face. (It is still unclear how he smashed the bottle, as it was done out of view of the CCTV but it’s believed by the prosecutors that he  broke the bottle on a stand situated behind him)

After Charles committed the offence, leaving Mr Sherriff bleeding to death, he was held down by bouncers of the club saying

Is he ok? I wish I had not done that

He later told police

Yes I know. I bottled him. I did not mean to harm him… He kept pushing past me throughout the bar area. I felt intimidated so I just lashed out

Ashley Charles continues to deny murdering the BlackBerry phone executive, Phillip Sherriff.

The trial continues.