Beverly Knight and Rebecca Ferguson along with other musicians have confirmed they are recording a single to help families with legal costs over the Hillsborough disaster 23 years back in 1989.

The Hillsborough disaster happened at the beginning of a Liverpool and Notting Hill football game. Due to failures in the organisation, Liverpool fans could not get into the stadium in time which led to one huge crush which killed 93 people that day.

The Taylor Enquiry which explained what happened said it was because fans had rushed in to the stadium and police lost control. In 2012, the Hillsborough Independent Panel had more evidence of what actually happened and showed 43 people could have been saved if the police and emergency services had responded promptly. It also showed authorities involved tried to cover up their failings and blame Liverpool fans.

All the families are trying to get the verdict blaming fans overturned. The legal costs are high, so Beverly Knight, Becca Ferguson, Mel C and Robbie Williams and many others are uniting to record the Hollies’ classic He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. The famous song writer Gary Chambers is producing the record. He has written songs for Mark Ronson, Katie Melua and the Noisettes.

The song was chosen because it was played by Everton FC when the HIP report came out in September 2012 which proved the supporters’ innocence. Guy said himself

It made a lot of people cry and the song had immense power. I just listened to it and I thought I certainly couldn’t write a better song than that… the single really promotes and endorses what the families have fought for for 23 years.

Let’s hope they get Christmas No. 1 and families get justice for their lost ones.