The issue of racism is always hanging like a cloud over football. And this week with the U21 saga in Serbia and John Terry’s four-game suspension, some black footballers feel as though not enough is being done to tackle racism in football.

Every football player has been asked to wear Kick It Out t-shirts this weekend during pre-match preparations but in the boycott, which has been led by Anton and Rio Ferdinand, a number of black footballers are planning to refuse to wear the t-shirts.

Reading striker Jason Roberts has said:

Players feel let down by what used to be the Kick Racism out of Football campaign.

Of course I want to kick racism out of football. Of course I am committed to it. But when there is a movement that fights for that particular issue in the way that represents me and my colleagues then I will get behind it.

Ian Wright disagrees though, and thinks that the players are taking their frustrations out on the wrong people.

I think that their gripe should be, if with anybody, is the powers that be that set out the fines and the penalties. I think that’s who they should be venting their anger towards.

Sir Alex Ferguson has since said that he expects all of Man United to wear the Kick It Out t-shirts this weekend.

But if they’re not happy should they support the Kick It Out campaign? After all I’m sure many would agree that the punishments that are handed out just aren’t strong enough.

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