Botched bum job victim: Claudia Aderotimi

Remember the London student who flew out to America in February 2011 for a butt job in order to boost her life long dream of becoming a video dancer and died tragically in a hotel room? You should do, it made big news and was Pappzd Magazine’s first ever story.

Well, the woman who killed her in the bungled operation is to stand trial in the USA for Third Degree Murder (similar to a manslaughter charge in UK law) . The ‘Black Madam’, whose real name is Padge Windslowe (also Padge Gordon), is a 42-year-old transgender who had operated on Claudia before. The procedure was to be a ‘top up’.

As if plastic surgery itself wasn’t dangerous enough, Claudia Aderotimi (20 years old at the time) and her friend Theresa Gyamfi (22 years old at the time) had flown out to get their procedures carried out under the knife of a woman with no medical training whatsoever.

Testifying, Theresa Gyamfi denies any knowledge of Windslowe being a fraudster doctor. This despite being asked to go to a back alley hotel for the botch job surgery.

And although we don’t have facts, come on let’s face it – booking a major surgical procedure with somebody called Black Madam and whose email address was probably something ending with should likely have raised concern in the minds of two intelligent young women.

The Black Madam in her boudoir

The Black Madam… We can’t explain this picture

Windslowe is being held in a Philadelphia court on trial for the murder of Claudia Aderotimi, accused of injecting industrial silicone (not medical silicone) into her bum cheeks then sealing the wounds with super glue. When Claudia started to have serious problems breathing, Windslowe packed up her ‘equipment’ and fled in a hurry.

Nigerian-born Claudia Aderotimi from Hackney in east London would now be 22 and graduating from Thames Valley University had she not collapsed and died due to the actions of Padge Windslowe who was practicing medicine without a license.

Windslowe was previously charged with injuring an exotic dancer who spent two weeks in hospital due to having a similar illegal procedure from the Black Madam.

She allegedly used illegal silicone substances from Thailand and krazy glue in at least 14 cosmetic surgeries, charging upwards of $1,800 (about £1,120) at a time.

Assistant District Attorney, Bridget Kirn said

She took a product meant for industry and food grain and she injected it into a young woman who was otherwise healthy, at age 20… who then died

She went on expressing disgust toward Windslowe

That is… clear, clear evidence of malice, and disregard of the known and unknown risks she caused to other unknown women.

Third Degree murder carries a sentence of between 20 – 40 years in Pennsylvania, the American state where the trial will take place.