Attending the Skyfall premiere last night, Bond girl Naomie Harris wanted to show how sexy she could be (as all Bond girls are) with a sheer full length dress and a shimmery bodysuit underneath, covering her dignity.

Unfortunately she left me confused as to what exactly was going on with her Marios Schwab dress. I appreciate the thought behind the metallic bodysuit as all things glittery are currently in fashion, but is it just me or does it not actually do up at the bottom? Strange.

Not only that, her dress seemed to have three clashing parts to it: the sparkling bodysuit, a nude coloured sheer slip, then another sheer black and flowy dress. So she was wearing two sheer dresses. Okay.

It also didn’t help that the dress itself looked unfinished; nude material was visible through the bodice and the seams of the sheer black layer was showing, which could have been passable if it wasn’t for the other confusing layers.

She wore this dress with a pair of black platform sandals with a thick ankle strap; a shoe that was just too heavy and bulky for the soft and delicate look of her dress.

The premiere was a Royal gala event. At Royal gala events you’re supposed to dress appropriately to be introduced to members of the Royal family, in this case heir to the throne Prince Charles. I’m not suggesting Naomie should have dressed as conservatively as other attendees (who looked frumpy and stiff) but wearing something you borrowed from Azealia Banks was never going to fly.

All in all this was a weird one. With the two sheer layers, a shimmery bodysuit, visible seams and visible fabric, she managed to wear a dress that had too much but also not enough going on.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist