This is the moment when Gary Barlow gave Tulisa a big smack in the gob on Saturday night’s X Factor and, for a moment, it looked like X Factor was going to return back into the old days of Sharon Osbourne pouring water over Louis Walsh and high viewer ratings.

Usually the hot topics on the weekend’s X Factor are the contestants’ performances or the ongoing style battle between Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa.

However this weekend, the outstanding and most talked about moment was when Gary verbally assaulted Tulisa, telling her “I don’t know what offends me more, what you just said or your fag ash breath.”

Twitter went crazy; some people thought it was hilarious, others were in shock and #fagashbreath trended for hours afterwards.

Whilst Gary sat there looking pretty pleased with himself, everyone else had something to say about the diss and decided to share their views on Twitter:

Long time N-Dubz rival Lethal B obviously decided to have his say too:

We particularly liked this very astute tweet

The Pappzd Team thought it was actually pretty funny and like Chip, wanted to relive that moment over and over again…

Tulisa eventually thought of a comeback, but it was too late. And very lame. Something about Gary smelling of red wine. Ooohhhh.

Do you think Gary Barlow was out of order? Or did Tulisa just get what was coming to her?