Conor Maynard is the new Marvin Gaye

US superstar singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, who was recently seen helping Nicole Scherzinger at the judges houses on the X Factor, made the bold statement that Conor Maynard is this generation’s Marvin Gaye.

First he told the Daily Star

Conor is amazing. He has the talent, the potential of those guys like Marvin [Gaye] and The Temptations.

The crazy comment was made by the US artist at the same time that he has recently released a new video Turn Around with the young Brightonian singer. Anybody sense a bit of an exaggerated publicity seeking comment there?

Then when it was clear that nobody agreed with Ne-Yo and, embarrassed by the lack of support for such a ridiculous statement, he backtracked, tweeting:

Ouch! So what are you saying Ne-Yo, is Conor not good enough to become a big hit now?

What do you think, is Conor Maynard this generation’s great white hope? Could he be as good as Marvin Gaye?

by Elz and Robyn Mawn