Craig David has been away from the spotlight for quite a while, and his upcoming return to music must be taking its toll on him.

Either that, or he’s losing the plot slightly, as the singer seems to believe he and David Beckham are alike.

Speaking to Time Out Dubai, he says

When you first start out you’re young and hungry and trying to find your way.

He then goes on to tell us exactly why he’s just like Becks

 He realised he could make the ball work for him – and I’ve realised I can let the songs do the talking.

Ah yes I see it now, football, music, pretty much the same thing.

He then adds

I’ve been very blessed with my career. I’ve played arenas and stadiums, I’ve sold millions of albums, and I don’t need that justification. Ego is a scary thing – if you’re always trying to outdo what you’ve done before, you’ll never be happy.

Is this him telling us not to expect much from his upcoming album? I for one, am super excited about him releasing new music, so that album better be full of jams!