Kalvin Murder Trial

Victim: Kelvin Chibueze

Dale Williams, 20, a student from Barking  is one of seven men in court, accused of stabbing a 17-year-old Nigerian-born Croydon teenager outside the Arteflex Club in Ilford, east London on 15 August last year.

Kelvin Chibueze was found by police the morning after the attack with multiple stab wounds to his chest.

Earlier this week, Williams told an Old Bailey jury that he had no reason to to join in the violence and only picked up a bottle of Courvoisier brandy to defend himself.

Williams claims that, before the incident occurred, he felt someone tap him on the chest whilst on the dance floor of the club, and saw a blade retracting. After moving away he heard screaming and bottles being smashed. He told the jury:

A bottle narrowly missed me so I picked up the bottle of Courvoisier to protect myself

Williams then went on to explain that a stampede of people ran outside where the fighting continued. He claims to have seen the victim laying on the ground as a group of youths holding knives, bottles and bar stools ran towards him.

The court was told by the prosecutor that Kelvin cried ‘I can’t breathe’ as he lay wounded on the floor.

Williams was then asked his whereabouts during the incident to which he replied:

I was afraid the person who had tried to stab me would try to stab me again, so I left.

Williams has pleaded guilty to violent disorder, a charge the other seven defendants deny.

The trial continues.