Example obsessing over grapes

Everyone can be a bit random on Twitter, I most certainly can, but Example has taken it a step further this morning and has been obsessing about grapes.

Huh… Grapes! Of all the fruit to talk about.

It appears that the UK artist has been having a productive morning and has asked fellow tweeters whether you can blend grapes?

The most bizarre thing is that fans tweeted back without a hint of sarcasm or humour and turned it into a real-deal conversation. Some even gave Example tips on how to blend the fruit. I hope the government isn’t watching, this’ll only support their crusade about how young people aren’t serious.

Example then goes on to tweet:

So why are you asking if you can blend them, if you don’t even eat them? Mind you, I do agree with him. I remember the days when grapes were affordable and I’d get them at lunch time and share them out with my crew on the bus. I can’t remember the last time I had any actually, the red ones were my fav… aaarrrggghhhhhh! He’s got me doing it. It’s just grapes!

I swear some people just don’t know how to function in the morning. Hopefully by late afternoon he’ll be back to his usual sarcastic self.

Or am I just having sour grapes? See what I did there?